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Carib Brewery

Ginseng Up

Friends have been inviting you to join them for an after-work run for a long time and you finally give in so you could de-stress from a very busy week. It’s almost sunset by the time you finish and it’s the perfect time for a Ginseng Up.

As you remove one from your cooler and begin to drink, you suddenly notice that the trail is lined with fruit trees. There was a light shower of rain while you were jogging and you’re now aware of how intoxicating the aroma of nature is. Everything around you is alive and you begin to feel more invigorated than you have in a long time and instead of sticking to your plan to head home and stay there for the rest of the evening, you feel energised and eager to do more. You’re open to any possibility that the night has to offer – prepared for anything; ready for whatever is next.

Hidden within the mild but satisfyingly sweet flavours of Ginseng Up is the fatigue-fighting and stress-soothing power of the Korean Ginseng Root. This healthy, non-alcoholic beverage captures the earthiness of the root and combines it with real fruit juice flavour to give consumers with a hectic lifestyle a tasty and sustained boost for ‘What’s up Next’.

Ginseng Up (ALL Flavours)
Alcohol by Volume – no alcohol