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Carib Brewery


You awaken from a bitter-sweet dream that you have often. The road is a blur beneath your feet because of how fast you’re running, and your eyes burn from the sweat streaming down your face. You can see the other runners in front of you and the finish line is in sight but you never cross it because this is when you always wake up.

Over a year ago, your life-long dream of competing in a marathon seemed impossible but you were determined to turn ‘impossible’ into ‘I’m possible’ and tomorrow you will stand among hundreds at the starting line. Tomorrow, you WILL cross the finish line knowing that endless possibilities lay ahead and will celebrate this personal victory with a Guinness.

This world-famous, full-bodied beer is the colour of the richest, darkest chocolate and takes you on a roller-coaster ride of flavour. At first, it;s sweet but its candy-like aroma has already prepared you for that. Next comes a dry, roasted coffee flavour from barley that is blackened to perfection. The sweetness returns again and rests stubbornly on the tongue.

The experience of drinking a GUINNESS® is pleasantly complex. The taste of the alcohol in it is cleverly disguised and while there is a definite bitter quality to the stout because it is brewed with extra hops, it is very smooth. Prolonged shelf life because of the hops is an added bonus. GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout is uniquely different from GUINNESS® Draught both in taste profile and colour.

Alcohol by Volume -7.3 – 7.7