Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Paul Wood

PAUL WOOD – ‘Mr. Wood’ (would like to be called just ‘Paul’)
Head of Manufacturing – Caribbean Development Corporation
Appointed in: July 2014
Favourite CBL Beverage: Carib – “I really enjoy the clean smooth taste of this full strength beer. As a foreigner its brand identity really connects me to being in Trinidad.”

“I would like that under my influence and tenure, manufacturing operates as a completely unified entity with a sustainable capability for continuous improvement.”

I believe that over the next fifty years, CBL will continue to be focused on innovation with a streamlined and highly flexible workforce. I also foresee even more technological solutions supporting my department and to helping us to connect with consumers. I first joined the company during a time of strained industrial relations but a wide range of policies and procedures was implemented since then that have encouraged employees to feel more invested in the company and its success. Our culture at Carib is built on hard-work, pride and diversity and the fact that our products are manufactured locally, which directly impacts taste and freshness, makes them better than anything else on the market.