Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Leesa Murally

Chief Financial Officer/Director – Carib Brewery
Appointed 2002
Favourite CBL Beverage: “I usually lean towards a Shandy Sorrel as it’s a tropical, light alcoholic drink that can be consumed at any occasion.”

“What matters most to me is People. My legacy should therefore be one of recognising the potential in people and harnessing that so that they can fulfil their true potential.”

When I first started working here I was eager, excited and nervous – all in anticipation of contributing and learning. Over the past decade, Carib Brewery has had exponential growth; new technological changes in brewing and packaging, ERP and most importantly it is a ‘place for performers’. A dynamic and rewarding environment that fosters teamwork is responsible for our success. Our investment in our people and some of the best production equipment available on the market for brewing and bottling is what I believe makes our products superior. This has led to Carib Brewery being actively sought after by major international companies to produce their products locally. In the future, I expect that Carib Brewery will be a technologically positioned company that will continue to grow exponentially by utilising its critical resources to produce products that are second to none globally. I also predict that the company will become the number one employer of choice.