Carib Brewery

Carib Brewery

Sheldon Wood

SHELDON WOOD – ‘The Nomad’
Export Director – Carib Brewery Limited
Appointed January 2012
Favourite CBL Beverage: Carib Light – “Because of its great taste and also because it fits into my active lifestyle.”

“I would like to be remembered as the person who created a sustainable route to be able to market for business in Cuba and Africa, especially since this has been on the company’s agenda for the past five years. I would also like to create a truly global structure for CBL’s export business, which will enable us to reach consumers in every country around the world.”

At the beginning of my tenure at CBL, I was in awe of the expanse of the company’s distribution network which involves exporting to over thirty countries worldwide. Since that time, focus on developing sustainable business models has led to significant improvements in my department and will facilitate long-term sustainable growth. I admire the results-oriented, solution-driven and passionate environment within the company as well as the authenticity of our products. I am inspired by the meticulous approach to our manufacturing process, which ensures consistent quality. By the company’s 100th birthday, I believe that CBL will be the Caribbean leader in the production and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and will be known for true innovation. I also hope that it will be one of the most fun companies to work for in the world.